Meet Darlene Hunter
Darlene's Introduction 
Darlene Hunter is a powerful motivational speaker and an expert at motivating teams and individuals towards excellence. She is able to help others effectively overcome personal and organizational blocks to achieve results. 
  1. You Are UnStoppable
    Once you discover what you are passionate about, it generally connects with your purpose. The combination of the two will make you UNSTOPPABLE! #WinAbility
  2. Never Give Up
    Darlene encourages others to never give up with her powerful message from her book "Overcoming The Obstacles, Releasing The Winner in You!" Her transparency and illustrations bring her heart felt message to life!
  3. Stay In The Game
    Darlene Hunter speaking at the Ingerman Leadership Conference at the Trump Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ. Winning The Race!
  4. Unique And Designed On Purpose
    Based on her book, Overcoming The Obstacles, Releasing The Winner in You, Darlene speaks to the congregation at GO Church, Orlando Florida. Sharing her story, encouraging and motivating others to share theirs.
  5. Moving Beyond Your Boundaries
    Moving Beyond Your Boundaries