Darlene provides three types of coaching, Life Coaching, Business Coaching and Book Publishing Coaching.
My commitment and responsibility as your coach is to inspire you to go beyond the ordinary, to raise your standards and definition of success to a level that you are truly capable of reaching and to get you to your desired goals. I am a "Pull Up My Sleeves" and "Dive In" type of coach, the coach that will not let you stop until you get there.

I work with managers, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, teachers, students, moms, dad’s, athletes and so many more. I will guide, support, mentor and counsel you until we get it done!

So let’s get started now! To claim your FREE session, simply click on the COACHING WORDS at the top of the page or  FREE SESSION at the bottom of the page or next to the desired coaching.

  1. Book Publishing Coaching
    Take the leap and decide to pursue your goals, tell your story and make an impact in the world by having your book published. Allow me the opportunity to assist you in getting your story out to the world.
  2. Life Coaching
    Take the leap to explore how I can help you accomplish your goals. Allow me the opportunity to help you move forward to your next stage in your life.
  3. Business Coaching
    I support small and medium businesses with guidance, encouragement, marketing, organizational, team building and direction.