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Making Life Changing Differences in The Lives of God's People
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As you know, children are the future of this world and should be able to transition successfully into adulthood and achieve their ambitions, as well as, economic self-sufficiency.

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to win at life, to dream big, to set goals, to accomplish their goals and to be the best version of themselves, in spite of life’s challenges. 

Two years ago, I published my latest book, “Win-Ability, Navigating Through Life’s Challenges with a Winning Attitude,” This book was written to help readers understand the power of a positive attitude, improve their overall outlook on life, build their self-confidence and elevate their constructive and creative thinking. 

Since then, we have developed “Teen-Win-Ability” a presentation / workshop designed to focus on Character Education, Student Enrichment and Support for At Risk students. We believe “If you change your thinking, you change your behavior and if you change your behavior, you will change your results.” This is accomplished by providing either a 45 minute to an hour presentation or a workshop given to students in middle and high schools. 

We focus on the affects and benefits of a positive attitude, the importance of respect and integrity, self-confidence and how constructive and creative thinking will enable them to accomplish their goals.  Students walk away from this experience excited about developing their own personal mission statements and S.M.A.R.T. action plans.  

Many students have a difficult time seeing the positive side in their life; however we believe that having a positive attitude and outlook on life makes solving life’s problems much easier. Helping students see how to turn a negative attitude around helps to teach them the importance of coping skills, its boost their health and improves their work.