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Meet Darlene Hunter; President of Darlene Hunter & Associates, LLC. She is a Renowned Speaker, Trainer, Mentor, Coach and Consultant.

Over the years, Darlene has had the privilege to train, coach, develop and motivate several Fortune 500 Companies, Top Universities and Government Agencies, including Universal Studios, Temple University, The US Forest Service, Developmental Resources, The US Army, Intuitive Surgical, and Synopsys. 

Her book WinAbility has been featured in over 50 newspapers, magazines, blogs and online publications throughout the country, highlighting the steps, methods and processes that she uses to help people to move forward in their life, accomplishing their goals and navigating through life with a winning attitude.  

In addition to speaking, Darlene also provides Corporate Training and has trained, coached and developed teams in the areas of Time Management, Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills, just to name a few. This has given her the opportunity to be well versed and able to present on a vast amount of topics and to a large number of organizations. 

Darlene has also worked with an extensive amount of Churches, including serving as the Assistant Chief Financial Officer, Business Administrator and Chief of Operations for a Mega Church where she managed the day-to-day operations of a 45,000 sq. ft community center, providing organizational planning, budgeting, program development, fundraising, public relations, grant management, grant writing, volunteer recruitment, and oversight of program directors. She has also helped churches with Church Growth, Church Organization, 501c3 creation and Community Development Corporation formation.

In terms of her speaking style, she is interactive, high energy and transparent. She works with her audiences to make a connection, pulling them into her presentations. 

In terms of her work ethic, she not only works hard, but works smart. She is driven, dedicated and committed to getting the job done and done right!

In terms of her background, she has been in management and leadership for over 32 years, motivating, training and developing teams for various companies and organizations.  

She has been in ministry for over 27 years, serving and leading. She has been viewed as a top performer throughout her career and known as having exceptional interpersonal, business and leadership skills.