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“The Darlene Hunter Show”
Motivating Real People Through Real Issues

Purpose of the Show
To make life changing differences in the lives of others by: 
  •  Reaching those who are crying on the inside, but have no one to share with
  • Encourage, inspiring and motivating you to move forward in life
  • Helping you to get up dust yourself  off and keep moving
  • Laughing together, Crying together and just being real with real life issues
  • Giving you the opportunity to share your struggles and be that listening ear
  • Sharing victories and celebrating wins – no matter how large or small
  • Being a friend, a mentor, a sister and supporter for you
  • Helping you to be successful and accomplish your dreams
  • Referring you to resources that you may need

We will be motivating and inspiring you through such topics as divorce, child abuse, alcoholism, domestic violence, rape, cancer, death of a parent, death of a spouse, financial hardship, and so many more obstacles.  We will have experts in these areas helping you get through these real issues that we as real people are faced with everyday.

Can't wait to hear you there!

What Others Are Saying About The Show

“IIt was a pleasure to be interviewed on the Darlene Hunter Show. 
Darlene’s professionalism made it easy from the pre-interview details to her interview style. Darlene respects her audience and is about real answers, not just motivational clichés. She asked very thoughtful questions about my faith, overcoming my prison experience and its relevance to her listeners as they face their obstacles. I could feel the connection between Darlene, her audience and me. The result was an intimate interview of real value. It was quite special. Darlene’s program really does make a difference in people’s lives.”

Treasure HunteTrish Jenkinsr
Trish Jenkins

"I really enjoyed my opportunity to share with others how to accept their past, become aware of the present and awaken to their futures thanks to Darlene Hunters commitment to motivate real people.  Sharing came so easy as Darlene and I simply talked about our own pasts, presents and futures.  Life is filled with moments that stand out as small miracles, the connection we made was one of those that I am grateful to have experienced."  

Kate Michels
Miracles happen everyday, one just happened!

"I loved it!. When the host ask the right questions as Darlene did, your able to meet the needs of the audience. " 

Paulette Harper Johnson

Motivating Real People Through Real Issues

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