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"Wonderful and Inspirational Speaker​"

"Great Speaker!"

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"I am Uplifted"

"Great Speaker, Easy to follow"

"Darlene was very good, great motivator"

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Darlene Travels Across the Country Conducting Presentations

Making Life Changing Differences in the Lives of God's People
Darlene is Featured in Newspapers, Magazines & Online Publications across the country

Darlene Hunter
Renowned Speaker 
& Author 
Darlene is an outstanding motivational / inspirational speaker. She provides presentations to audiences based on a variety of topics. Darlene has a unique way of imparting ideas and enthusiasm, inspiring listeners to make improvements and transform their lives both personally and professionally.

Darlene is currently traveling across the country conducting presentations based on her new book called "Win-Ability" - Navigating Through Life's Challenges with a Winning Attitude. She is impacting lives and helping people understand the power that a positive attitude has on their thinking, behavior and results. 

Darlene is passionate about what she does and believes that she can and will make a difference in the lives of others. 

Darlene is available to speak to...
- Women's Groups
- Men's Groups
- Athletes  
- Sports Teams 
- Youth Groups
- Corporate Leaders
- Individuals (Coaching - Life & Business)

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